Three Creative Ways to Use Promotional Products

It’s obvious that we’re fans of custom promotional products–it’s what we do for a living–but what we love most about this business is hearing about all of the different creative, unique, and successful ways our customers use the items they order.

We’ve learned over the years that promoting your business is an art, not a science, and what works well for some people might not be the right answer for others.

However, one thing is abundantly clear: Using quality and customized promotional products to help spread the word about your business is an effective way to inform the public about what you do and reach new customers that you otherwise wouldn’t.

The question remains for many business owners:

What are ways I can use customized promotional products that will help me stand out from the crowd?

Well, you’re in luck! We’re going to share with you a list of three different ways you can use promotional products to improve your marketing efforts that are taken right from the success stories of our customers.

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Ways to Use Promotional Products

1. As a Targeted Sponsorship Giveaway

In many business circles, sponsoring a golf outing, fundraiser, or another kind of event has become all but expected, and though much of this money is spent in good faith, it’s also an opportunity to use this captive audience environment to help promote your brand. Outside of the recognition and thanks you may get from the beneficiary organization, providing a promotional product to give away can help cement your contribution in the minds of not just the organizers but also all who attend.

Let’s use the aforementioned golf outing as an example: With dozens of possible sponsors and a countless number of supporters, how can you make your name stand out from the rest? The answer: By providing a promotional item that isn’t just useful, but also impactful and memorable.

custom promotional products

Branded golf balls, tees, or even soft coolers are not only affordable for your marketing budget but also reusable and lasting, helping your impact to stretch far beyond the time and location of the event. This kind of smart spending and purposeful promotion can go a long way toward reaching your marketing goals without breaking your budget.

Bonus Tip: If the event you’re sponsoring is holding any kind of auction or raffle, consider ordering extra of your giveaway item to provide as a raffle prize. It’s an inexpensive way to not only show your support but also get your brand in front of more people – a win/win!

2. As a Contest Reward for Casual and Die-Hard Brand Fans

Providing promotional items to those who are already fans or customers of your business is all well and good, but getting an item with your logo on it into the hands of potential new customers is where the real potential benefit lies.

However, that old familiar question remains: Where do you find these new people and how do you get them interested in your business?

The answer here is deceptively simple: People love free stuff, and they also love winning, and one of the best ways we’ve seen our customers utilize custom promotional products is by using them as a contest giveaway item – a simple yet powerful idea.

Some of the most successful social media campaigns that we’ve seen have been this kind of one-off contest giveaways, and the results speak for themselves. If the incentive is right and the giveaway is desirable, followers will do the work for you: helping to spread the word about your business and the contest itself.

Plus, when you hold a contest, you only have to reward one or two top winners, which allows you to spend a little more on a promotional item to up the value.

Bonus Tip: This kind of contest/raffle can also be utilized in person at a trade show or exhibition. Allow people to sign up at your booth for a chance to win, and collect all of their contact information. If you attend a successful show, this will give you hundreds of new potential customers who’ve handed over their contact info to you for a chance to win a giveaway.

3. As a Deal-Closing Promotion

Next time you’re driving around, take a look at all of the different license plate frames that you see. Chances are that more than half of the license plate frames that you’ll pass are from the dealership, used car lot, or body shop from which the car was purchased.

These items not only serve a practical purpose for the customer–helping to keep their license plate secure–they also hold a practical purpose for your business: Granting you free promotion each time your customer takes a spin or runs an errand.

This type of purposeful deal closing promotion is simple and brilliant and is also one that can be easily applied to any other business.

  • Do you repair computers? A customized flash drive is both practical, affordable, and useful for all who own a PC or Mac.


  • Do you operate a coffee shop? A customized thermal container, styrofoam cup, or heat sleeve can turn any drink into your brand’s drink, helping customers promote your business just by enjoying a beverage in public.


Rewarding the people who patronize your business is one of the best ways to bring new people into your business, and providing them with a useful and related promotional giveaway is a sure-fire way to do it.

Remember: Promote Your Business

This last point seems so obvious, and it is, but we just felt like it was an important one to underscore: No matter which promotional items you’re using, or how you’re using them, the point of using them is to promote your business – so make sure you’re doing it right!

A quality promotional item given away for the right reasons won’t just provide the service it is designed for–like a flashlight or a thermos–it will also keep your business and logo top of mind whenever your intended consumer uses it, resulting in lasting brand recognition and positive association. And in the world of business, there’s nothing better than that.

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  1. November 29, 2017    

    I really like that you mentioned practicality and visibility when it comes to promotional products. The company I work for is planning to release some promo items to spread the word about our business. I’ll be sure to let them know how important providing a useful product can be!

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