The Best Custom Trophies

The Three Best Custom Trophies for Your Next Occasion

We keep our blog filled with the latest and greatest in the promotional product industry. With so many customization, look, material, and price options now available in the trophy world, finding the right trophy to suit your needs can sometimes seem as difficult as winning the trophy itself. But fear not: The B2B Promotional Group, your premiere source for trophies and awards for all occasions and budgets, has you covered.

We’re constantly asked questions by our customers about what trophies work best for which occasion, and while many of our trophies can be used for a diverse range of events, we do see many of the same needs fulfilled by many of the same trophies. Today, we’re going to take a look at three of the most common reasons our customers seek out trophies, and our pick for the best custom trophies.



The perfect way to show appreciation for a general job well done.


Custom Trophy Solution:

The 17” Cascading Cup Trophy

best custom trophies

A classic trophy that works perfectly for any celebration, the 17” Cascading Trophy proves that hard work isn’t all the award you need – a beautiful trophy is nice too! Available in both gold and silver, this steel bowl trophy carries with it all of the weight a significant accomplishment should bring thanks to the stunning and sturdy marble base.

Outside of the eye-catching shape and presence, the Cascading Trophy features a fully customizable area of the base that is the perfect spot for your team logo, organization name, or recipient’s information. All in all, the classics are classics for a reason, and this modern take on the ever-popular cup-style trophy can’t be beat.



A way to recognize the whole team or group for their contributions


Custom Trophy Solution:

The Plastic Gold Trophy

the best custom trophies

Whether it’s participation trophies for the entire squad, or honoring your entire team for the hard work they’ve put in this year, sometimes everyone deserves to be recognized. Though nothing can take the place of a gorgeous customized metal or glass trophy, these attractive plastic pieces are the ideal solution when everyone in your group is a deserving recipient.

Thanks to the beautiful gold plastic and fully customizable base, this Plastic Gold Trophy is the perfect way to fill up your team’s morale without draining your bank account. It truly brings new meaning to the phrase “Plastic Makes Perfect!”



The perfect trophy to present at an upscale event or gala


Custom Trophy Solution:

Glass Nantucket Cup

best customizable trophies

The Nantucket Cup is exactly as elegant as it sounds – just without the Cape Cod prices! An incredibly beautiful deep cup design with side handles for easy carrying, this glass masterpiece is head and shoulders above most plaques, banners, and other common award types.

Along with looking beautiful, the thick, sturdy glass allows for a deeply etched logo or customization choice, meaning whatever information you want to convey will be presented in a professional and long-lasting manner. Best of all: One of the finest looking glass trophies you’ll find anywhere also happens to be one of the most affordable, meaning you can recognize your winner without compromising your budget.

With trophies of all shapes, sizes, materials, and prices for every possible occasion, the B2B Promotional Group will help you create awards, and memories, that will last a lifetime. Browse our entire online catalogue now to find the perfect solution for your trophy needs.

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