Promotional Products Perfect For The Summer

8 Promotional Products That Brought The Heat This Summer!

Even with your summer coming to an end, you still have time for one last promo to bring the heat before the fall quarter. B2B will help you boost your sales with these fun summer products that have consistently delivered results all summer long.

1. The Beach Bag

promotional beach bagYour next promo is in the bag–literally! People take their beach bags everywhere: to the beach, the pool, the spa, but most importantly, on vacation. Make your brand international with a fun, travel-friendly beach bag.

2. The Beachball

promotional beach balls

You can’t have a pool party or a beach day without a beachball! Beachballs are a bright, fun way to showcase your brand. Make sure to utilize the assortment of vibrant colors offered to best highlight your logo. Perfect for invitations, this promotional product is sure to bounce your sales!

3. The Fanny Pack

custom fanny packsWhat can we say? The pack is back and brighter than ever! That’s right, fanny packs have made a huge comeback recently, especially on college campuses. They have become a major fashion statement among fraternities and sororities nationwide. Proud Greeks sport their letters on neon-colored fanny packs in class, at philanthropy events, and on spring break trips. Not only are they trendy, they’re sporty too! Jump on the fanny pack bandwagon to keep with the trends.


4. The Selfie Stick

custom selfie sticksThe thing about selfie sticks is everyone wants one, but few are brave enough to buy them for themselves. That’s what makes selfie sticks a great self-promotion. Potential clients will be forever grateful when you save them the hassle of buying a selfie stick themselves. These trendy attention-grabbers come in multiple colors to complement your message.

5. The Man Flop

promotional mens sandals

Put your best foot forward with these comfy kicks! The man flop has gained popularity with both men and women; they look great on everyone! Customize them with your logo across the top, on the sole, and on the bottoms. With so much room to share your message, it will not go overlooked. Click here to see a variety of customizable flip-flops.


6. The Shades

promotional custom sun glasses

aviator sunglasses

Your promo was made for shades! Promotional sunglasses are a hot new fad this summer. Protective eyewear is a priority for everyone, no matter where their business is located. Showcase your brand in a unique and useful way with your own customized shades. With so many fun-in-the-sun styles and colors to choose from, you can do no wrong!

7. The Hair Tie

promotional hairties

Secure your customers with this hot new promotional trend. Thanks to the recent overtake of the man-bun, hair ties have become a unisex product. Perfect for beauty, fashion, or cosmetic-oriented companies in particular, hair ties are a great giveaway. They come in an assortment of vibrant colors and patterns that are sure to wow clients!


8. The Headphones

promotional headphones

Turn up the sound of your success with this high quality tunage! Everyone needs a good pair of headphones to wear on the plane, on the beach, or by the pool this summer. This trendy Beats-inspired design will appeal to all ages, and has exceptional sound. Customize them by imprinting your logo on the headband or housing unit and by choosing from the array of fun and attention-grabbing colors.

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