Promotional Products – No Minimum

Promotional Products No Minimum

When it comes to picking out a promotional item for your business or cause, there are two questions that haunt just about every marketer before they submit their order for purchase:

What should I buy?


How many should I be buying?

Trust us – we feel your pain.

Since we’ve filled orders for everything from 300,000 customized pens to a single, one-of-a-kind sports trophy, we know that different marketing needs warrant different promotional items, both in item type and amount.

(We even provided the trophy for the annual HAIRRY-Awards – an award that celebrates fabulous people with fabulous hair.)

In the world of promotional products, minimums are often king – and the more you order, the more money you save, which is a great system for when you’re placing a large order.

But we know that many customers have situations and instances where you don’t need 40,000 new staple removers, and instead, just need a few high-quality items to help market your business.

That’s where this list comes in.

Though there are many great options when it comes to no minimum promotional products, we’ve decided to focus today on two pieces of the most timeless, popular, and universal of all product categories: apparel.

Let’s start with what’s on our heads and work our way down.

Custom Hats – No Minimum

You know ‘em; You love ‘em: Hats

There are definitely clothing items and accessories that tend to go in and out of style – track jackets, double-breasted suits, and fanny packs come to mind first – but there are also those pieces of flair that seem to ebb and flow with the tide of fashion, staying securely atop the wave. A great example of this phenomenon, as well as a long-time staple of the promotional market, fashion market, and just plain one of our favorite products, is hats.

promotional products no minimum

Hats or caps aren’t great just because they’re fashionable and incredibly functional, but they’re also incredibly popular. Consider this: according to Statistic Brain, more than 43,000,000 baseball hats are sold in the United States each year – which adds up to about one hat for every 7 people in America. In case you haven’t noticed: that’s a lot of hats. And that’s what is sold each year, not a collective number.

These numbers aren’t just important because they show that hats can be a great revenue generator should you chose to sell yours to your customers, but also because it shows just how popular these pieces of headwear are. If that many people are willing to buy hats to support their favorite team, then surely they’re willing to sport the logo and marketing message of their favorite business or company as well.

What also makes hats so fantastic is that they’re one of many promotional products with no minimum. That means that you can try out their impact with your target market without ever having to pony up the bucks to fulfill a big order until your ready.

Still not convinced? We suggest taking a look at this story about Tesla founder Elon Musk and his experience with hats as a promotional product. $700,000 later, he’s joined us as a big believer in what hats and caps can do for a business.

Fleece Jackets – No Minimum

Along with trying to figure out the right amount of items to order (which is the beauty of these promotional items with no minimum), one of the hardest decisions to make as a marketer is finding the right item that will appeal to most of your audience.

A shot glass or a beer coozy might be popular, but you’re instantly factoring out people underage or who don’t drink.

Same goes for specific sporting equipment or other lifestyle choices. However, there are some items, like the hats that we talked about above, that are so universal, their popularity is their greatest strengths.

One of those kick-butt items is a fleece jacket.

promotional items no minimum

No matter the gender, age, location, or fashion sense of your client, fleece jackets are just about as universally accepted and loved as any other popular promotional product that we can think of. Perfect for a cool summer evening, or layering on a winter’s day, they’re also functional and fashionable and tend to stick with their consumers for many years.

Plus, the fact that you can order many fleece jackets, hooded sweatshirts, or other outerwear-type garments with no minimum makes them a cost-effective and smart promotional piece. They’re not the cheapest promotional item on the market, but if you focus on rewarding your favorite customers with one, or selling them to the right market, you’ll blow your typical return on investment right out of the water with these tried-and-true promotional items that become walking advertisements when worn.

Honorable Mention: T-Shirts

We dare you to go ahead and try and think of someone in your life who doesn’t own a t-shirt. That’s right – you most likely can’t. That’s because t-shirts are one of the most common, if not the most common pieces of apparel in the western world – with promotional t-shirts making up a large number of them.


And just like the other options of this list, shirts can be purchased as promotional items with no minimum, meaning you can buy one, or a thousand – whatever fits your budget and your marketing needs. Most vendors will allow you to order just the sizes and colors you want, meaning you won’t end up with a bunch of extra stock that you’re trying to get someone, anyone to take off of your hands. That’s the beauty of no minimum items.

Whether it’s your first foray into the world of promotional products, or you’re an old pro who is placing a reorder of your favorite marketing pieces, we’re here to tell you: don’t think everything has to be ordered in big numbers.

Though there are very many products that make sense in orders of hundreds or thousands, there are plenty of promotional products out there that have no minimum order. So before you place your next order, think about what you want and how many of them you need, and find the happy medium somewhere in between.

Contact us and let us help you fulfill your next promotional item order with NO MINIMUM!

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