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Things are better when you can personalize them. From personalized picture frames to personalized stationery – customizing your promotional product is a great way to put your own individual touch. From envelopes to specialty paper to writing utensils, stationery is used every single day of our lives. Personalized stationery is a necessity for all companies. Not only does stationery emblazoned with your company’s logo will make all of your documents and statements look more professional, but it can also get the word out about your company, thus bringing you more customers.

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Some may say that paper products are obsolete in this day and age, and that companies should focus more of their energy on social media marketing (SMM). In reality, stationery is still widely used and usually more personal than anything online. Most people are swamped with emails, text messages, and other electronic junk. Sending a letter or giving out a notebook from your company will stand out more to the consumer than anything online could.

When you think of stationery, you may only think of fancy paper or wedding invitations. However, stationery extends over all writing materials, including paper products, writing utensils, and other office supplies.

Here are a few good personalized stationery products that’ll give your company the extra boost it needs:

The Classic Letterhead

personalized stationary

This item pertains to the more commonly used meaning for stationery (paper products). An essential item for your business’s office is a personalized letterhead. This letterhead will be extremely useful for whenever you need to send out letters or notes from the company. With your company’s logo right at the top, your customers and clients will know exactly who the letter is from, without having to search. All of your documents will look clean and professional with this personalized letterhead!


The Most Useful
Cache Onyx Professional Pen

custom stationery

Pens are one of the most used products when it comes to stationery, so why not personalize them? Putting your company’s name or logo on the body of a pen is a surefire way to get the word out about your business. In an article by the American Marketing Association Baltimore, pens were mentioned as a very effective marketing tool. Why is that? Pens are useful and generally needed by everyone in your clientele. An added bonus is that pens tend to be around for a long time, and may even bounce around owners, thus bringing your company name to a large field of people.


The Long-term- Promotional Journal Book

personalized stationeryNotebooks and journals are another great way to spread the word about your company. Notebooks are generally in use for a long time; for school age children, a notebook will usually last the whole year, and this time can be extended for other older age groups. This means that your company’s logo will have a lengthy exposure time, and who wouldn’t want that? For just a small price, you can effectively spread the word about your company more efficiently than with other methods.


Bevel Cut Earth Friendly Adhesive Notepad-100 Sheet

customized stationary

This sticky note pad is a great item for marketing your company. Sticky notes are generally used for leaving reminders around home, office, school, etc., but these will also serve as a reminder of your business! An added bonus of using sticky notes with your company logo, slogan, or information of your company is that your information can be passed on from person to person with minimal effort from you!

Remember, if you aren’t making money with your promotional products, you aren’t using them right.


Mailing Envelopes

stationary you can personalize

If you have personalized letterhead paper, you might as well personalize the envelope it comes in! Plain white envelopes are no fun, and are almost guaranteed to be tossed in the trash. It would behoove you to invest in some mailing envelopes that have your logo (along with address, of course) on them. Not only will this add a nice pop of color to the envelope, but it’ll also immediately notify customers that you have sent them something. Plus, a personalized envelope is sure to stand out in a sea of other mail!

The above products are good starters for your extensive personalized stationery collection. The letterhead and envelope are an inseparable pair that will ensure that people pay attention to any flyers, coupons, or documents they send your way. The pen can be used by anybody and can reach a variety of consumers. The notebooks and sticky pads are fun ways to keep your company’s name on people’s minds at any given time of the day. To give your company the extra boost needed for success, investing in personalized stationery is the way to go.


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