Personalized Post It Notes

Personalized Post It Notes

Post it notes are a staple in the world of office supplies. Their success is due to the fact that they are extremely versatile. Post it notes have conventional uses and unconventional uses. The ways that people typically use post it notes are to leave a note at someone’s desk, write out a reminder to themselves, create page dividers in a stack of papers, or to simply mark something without having to use paper and tape. These uses have been around for many years, but there are other ways that one can use a pad of post it notes. One unique use for post-it notes is to clean the cracks of your keyboard by running the sticky part in between the keys. This method is easy to do and will leave your keyboard much cleaner! Another unconventional use is to create a mural or a piece of artwork. Post-it notes come in a variety of colors, and these can be used to create unique large scale pieces of art on a wall, in a window, or anywhere that you choose. They also keep you organized!

According to the official Post-It website, “A workplace study showed the average professional now receives 11 messages on Post-it® Notes each day. That is a lot of messages! Now, imagine all of those messages having your company’s logo on the top of them? You would get a lot of brand exposure just from a simple note. That’s why investing in post-it notes to give to clients is the right move for your company. Listed below are a few of the many different personalized post-it notes offered by B2B Promotional Group.

Smiley Sticky Note Pack


The Smiley Sticky Note Pack is the cutest way to keep your company in consumers’ minds. The outside of this note pack is made of recycled material, thus giving your company an environmentally friendly image. The bottom flap of the package can be personalized with your company’s logo so that the user will always be reminded of your business. One of the winning features of this personalized post it note pad is the smiley face cut out on the front, which is sure to put a smile on the face of whoever is using it! On the inside of this cute set, there is a basic three inch by three inch adhesive post it note pad. The other side of the pack features an array of sticky page markers in orange, yellow, blue, green, and pink. If you want to make your customers super happy, then you should order the smiley sticky note pack! They work great in journals!

Post-it(R) Custom Printed Notes Cube – 1c/1d


Want to make a lasting impression on your clients? Why not gift them a post it note set with your company’s logo on multiple sides! The Post-It® Custom Printed Notes Cube is perfect for showcasing the logo of your company. The cube is two and three fourths inches on every side, so you’ll get a long time of brand exposure. The post it notes are self-adhesive, so no need for tape to put up these notes. This cube comes in a sleek, crisp white, and your logo can be printed in a variety of colors. If you aren’t sure about what to print on the cube along with your company name, B2B Promotional Group offers a multitude of color stock free of charge!

Post-it(R) Custom Printed Notes Slim Cube

Basic post it notes can be boring, but the Post-It® Custom Printed Notes Slim Cube presents them in a fresh, new, and fun way! This note pad can be personalized with your company’s logo on every single sticky note, which will make sure that your name reaches anyone who gives or receives the note. The side edges of the sticky note cube can also be personalized with a phrase of your choice, such as your company slogan or the website for your company. For an added bonus, the same edges can be colored to match your company’s color scheme! In addition, ruled lines can be added to this sticky note cube for free.

Post-it(R) Notes Custom Printed Notepad


Sometimes regular sized post it notes don’t cut it. They can be too small to fit all the important information that you want to write down. Luckily, with the Post-It Notes Custom Printed Notepad, you won’t run into that issue! These sticky notes are longer and wider than the standard sized notes, giving you more room to write. You can personalize this pad to have your company name and logo in the top corner of every note. Even with the logo emblazoned on the top, there’s still plenty of room to write. This custom printed notepad comes in yellow, and can have ruled lines for no extra cost. Each sticky note pad comes with 50 sheets of self-adhesive notes.

Joanie Credit Card Size Sticky Flag Holder

Post-it notes aren’t just the typical large, square pieces of paper with sticky areas. One type of post-it note is a sticky flag, which can be used to bookmark a page or to indicate an important word in a reading. The Joanie Credit Card Size Sticky Flag Holder is a great product to give out to your clients. Not only are sticky flags quite useful products, but this holder’s size makes them ideal for everyday use. The small and thin size of the holder means that it can be brought anywhere, and therefore your company’s logo moves everywhere with it! The holder comes in three different colors: red, white, and blue. There are five sets of sticky flags on the inside, in bright variations of blue, green, yellow, orange, and pink. The Joanie Credit Card Size Sticky Flag Holder’s perfect size and exceptional functionality make it one of the best gifts you could give your company’s clients.

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