Terri Blackbourn

Hello! My name is Terri Blackbourn.

I have been in the promotional products industry for over 20 years. I am almost a native from AZ because I went to ASU (go devils) coming from Nebraska and never went back. I won’t say how long ago that was – too long.

I graduated with a BS in human resource management and a minor in Spanish – now don’t ask me to speak Spanish today! I started working almost right away in the advertising industry. I had a few year stint in real estate and the food industry, but within a few years of graduating I knew promotional products and I were meant to be together. I like to help people create the perfect campaign and find that unique item that will stand out in the crowd. I love the research and playing with all of the creative and fun items in our industry. Promotional products are an inexpensive way to get your name/brand out there.

I have a great family, my daughter lives in San Francisco and also works in the marketing field. My husband Joe has been in real estate since we met back in the day.  I love dogs and have two which travel with me everywhere Max and Roxy a golden and a yellow lab.

I love hiking (downhill), skiing (uphill), reading (magazines), House of cards, Netflix, working out, dogs, stalking on Facebook, the beach and the mountains.

Guilty pleasures! – wine and traveling. Stalking my daughter on facebook.
Last book I read – big little secrets (silly one)
I’m not a huge chocolate fan, but if I have to eat it I will, but I love desserts and diet coke.

Things you don’t know about me – I hate working out even though I work out almost every day. I come from a family of all girls – except for my dad. I’m tongue tied. I love peanut butter.

1. What is your favorite color and why? Black – Everything matches
2. What is the greatest place you have ever traveled? Washington DC – so much history and politics
3. Who is the best member of your family? My dogs easy to take care of and don’t talk back to me.
4. What is your favorite food that you’re not able to eat in your crazy diet? Ice cream
5. How do you think your dogs would describe you if they could speak? The best mom anyone could ask for
6. What is the craziest thing a client has ever asked you to do? Put together 300 bracelets with beads – so they looked custom, I could have opened my own jewelry store. Or place an order for 10 mugs fully custom! Or custom coffee table books – I have a lot of fun stories.

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