How to Utilize Engraved Brass Plates

Engraved Brass Plates: A Great Promotional Product

We’re all seen them: Engraved brass plates. Whether they’re customizing a one-of-a-kind gift for a parent or a boss, adorning a nameplate on a desk, or being used around an office, we come across them virtually every day in a variety of settings. But like all essential objects in our marketing arsenal, rarely do we stop and think about the engraved brass plates have on our daily lives.

Though brass is used in our appliances and fixtures, doorknobs and locks, gears in machines and clocks, heck, even its own category of instrument, engraved brass name plates are perhaps the best way to utilize this durable metal to create something truly special. Here at B2B Promotional Group we love using these amazing plaques in a variety of uses. Here are a few ways you can take a custom engraved brass plate and turn it into something impactful, useful, and fun:

Spruce Up Picture Frames

It’s currently being predicted that over a trillion (yes, you read that right: trillion) photos will be taken this year by people around the world, and despite the readily available nature of advanced picture-taking devices, one thing that will never go out of style is displaying your favorite pictured memories in an eye-catching picture frame. But plain picture frames can be boring and blend into their surroundings – defeating the point of displaying them in the first place. However, add an engraved brass plate to help clue your audience into who is in the picture or the time and place it was taken, and your favorite memory quickly turns into a can’t-miss piece of art.

Because they’re so easy to affix and they remain relatively durable in a variety of situations, an engraved brass plate can be added to just about any picture frame of any size – whether it be a desktop frame at your office or a portrait hanging on the wall in a gallery or lobby. Any way you choose to use them, your commemorative engraved brass plate will make an impressive impression for all who come within eye shot.

Create Value with Personalized Locker Tags

Stores, malls, health clubs, gyms, schools, golf courses, spas, retail stores, break rooms – the list of businesses that feature the convenience of lockers for their employees, members, and guests goes on and on. But are these spaces being underutilized?

Business owners know that a customized locker experience can not only add value to a membership or experience, but can also encourage an employee to take pride in their position and invest in their workplace. No matter the color, material, look, or model of locker or cubby, an engraved brass plate can take things up a notch, adding a touch of professionalism and class to any institution. And, because engraved brass plates come in all shapes and sizes, they can easily be matched to suit any style, allowing for the perfect mix of function and fashion for your establishment’s employees or customers.

Nameplates for Desks or Meetings

There’s an old adage that says that an office or chair is only as impressive as the person sitting in it – but you can’t expect people to know your position, title, or name if you’re not displaying it properly. That can easily be solved by a custom engraved brass plate that displays all of the essential information you want the person sitting across from you to know, leaving nothing to chance or the imagination.

best engraved brass platesBut the impact of an impressive name plate isn’t confined to just the office, or even a traditional business setting. Their classy look can be used to spruce-up club get togethers or board meetings, encourage personal interactions at a retail sales counter, or make a weary traveler feel at home when they check into your hotel or bed and breakfast. There is literally no substitution for the industry standard engraved brass plate in a business or retail setting.

Door/Room Identifiers

Along with name plates for desks and meetings, another great business use for engraved brass plates is to help visitors know where they’re going, and if they’re in the right room. Whether it’s identifying the CEO’s office or simply which conference room they’re about to enter, a professionally engraved brass plate will send the right signals of professionalism and elegance no matter what type of business you’re in. They also can be used to identify classrooms, labs, or even floors in a building’s directory – the opportunity to utilize engraved brass plates in a business setting are almost endless.

Add to Yearly Awards or Trophies

You’ve seen them in offices of all kinds and proudly displayed on desks and in break rooms for good reason: yearly awards are one of the best and most affordable motivators for staff. Seeing their name engraved on a brass plate marked “Employee of the Month” or “Top Sales Team” can make a world of difference in the confidence of your employees and the productivity of your team. Plus, with a lasting walnut plaque, engraving a new brass plate every time someone is recognized will cost very little money, but yield noticeable results.

engraved brass platesSo often, we’re inundated with things that are disposable: posters, flyers, stickers – even business cards. While those things do certainly have their place in our lives, both professionally and personally, it’s the things that last and are permanent that have the most value to all.

Elegant, classy, timeless – engraved brass plates are the perfect choice to customize a gift, recognize an important person, or spruce up a room or office. Plus, their affordability and ease of use makes them a no-brainer.

If you’re looking for the perfect customization piece, engraved brass plates are certainly the way to go. Check out our vast library of exceptional promotional items, and select what’s right for! You can also contact us for a consultation to learn which promotional products are right for you and your business. Remember, if you aren’t making money with promotional products then you are doing something wrong. We can help you see a great ROI with your promotional products!

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