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Though professional ice hockey carries with it the stigma of being the least popular of America’s four biggest professional sports, one thing is clear: people everywhere love to play the game. In fact, according to CBS Sports, the last several years have been the most popular for amateur hockey participation, meaning leagues of all shapes, sizes, and types are popping up across the country – and throughout the world. In fact, in 2016 alone, more than 622,000 players, coaches, and officials participated in amateur hockey, making it something far beyond just a hobby, and quickly changing it into a national pastime.

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But here’s the hockey league’s dilemma: With so many choices of which league to participate in and different teams to play for, what effective tools can be used as both incentives to get players interested in playing the game, and keep them coming back year after year to the same place? The answer is clear: customized hockey trophies – a time-tested tradition of sports celebration.

Though our great selection of hockey trophies gives you plenty of options to celebrate your scores, here are some of our favorites choices and the ways they can be used.

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A Player of the Game Puck Trophy

Want to motivate your top scorers to push a little harder? Or perhaps inspire your third or fourth liners to contribute to the scoreboard? Maybe you just want a way to reward your players for their outstanding effort? What better way is there to motivate and reward your squad than adopting a player of the game puck trophy for your team?

Hockey Trophies

When you hand out this attractive trophy to each player on your team who scores the winning goal or makes the game’s most important play, you’ll start a tradition that will result in higher scores, increased competition, and most importantly, more fun for the whole team. No matter which level of hockey they play, or what level of talent they posses, an awesome player of the game puck trophy can help all who take the ice do better, creating an inspired improvement that all teammates will work to emulate.

End of the Year Trophy to Celebrate the Season

A hockey season at any age is long, grueling, and full of the emotional ups and downs that come with competitive physical sports. No matter where your team finishes, playoffs or not, each player deserves to be recognized for their contributions and commitment to the team throughout the year. That’s where an end of the year trophy will perfectly fit the bill.

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Perfect for any shelf, dresser top, or even dining room table, players, coaches, parents, and fans of all types will be proud to display an awesome hockey trophy in their home. And, thanks to a laser-engravable plate, each player and coach can get a trophy of their own with their name on it – showing that their personal commitment to the team, and hard work during the season, really paid off. If you’re looking for a great option for your end of the year trophy, this awesome hockey graphic sport resin, or customizable All Star Resin are two great choices.

One Cup to Rule them All

While it is true that no trophy is sports is quite as memorable or impressive as the Stanley Cup, your league can certainly rival Lord Stanley with a beautiful trophy of your own. If you’re looking for the perfect stunning trophy to use year after year to award the winning team in your league, look no further than this beautiful 20 3/4 inch Gold Completed Metal Cup Trophy with Marble Base. Impressive to look at, and even more impressive to hold and hoist above your head while you skate around the ice, there’s nothing quite like handing the winning captain a one-of-a-kind trophy to signify the impact of their accomplishments.

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Plus, to make an even bigger impact, this gorgeous hockey trophy can be engraved, giving you the opportunity to find a local business to sponsor the trophy’s purchase, and laser engrave their name right in the marble base. Now the “Local Business Cup” can be the talk of the town, meaning great advertising opportunities for a business and an awesome trophy to add to your season-ending ceremonies.

Your Special Little Players Deserve a Trophy of Their Own

Few things are as cute as little ones lacing up skates and hitting the ice. For some, it’s the following of a new interest, and for others, another in a long line of generational hockey players. Kids that hit the ice not only get to play this great game, but they also learn lifelong lessons like teamwork, perseverance, and a healthy lifestyle – all essential parts of growing up as a true team player. With this special effort should come a special recognition, and our 5 inch Hockey Little Pal Resin is the perfect hockey trophy for just that purpose. Featuring a friendly puck head on an unmistakable hockey body, this easy customizable trophy will make a lasting memory that will keep your little players coming back season after season, year after year.

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There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to presenting your players, teammates, or coaches with an awesome hockey trophy – and our collection of trophies proves it. So what are you waiting for? Sharpen those skates, bend those blades, and start picking what’s right for you and your team! Start your search now!

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If you need any help finding the right hockey trophies for you and your team or, if you just need help finding the right promotional product for you, please feel free to contact us!

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