Engraved Plaques For Sale

Want to Boost Employee Productivity?

Here Are Three Engraved Plaques For Sale That Will Help Your Company Achieve More

We love promotional products. Especially awards such as trophies and customizable engraved plaques that increase employee productivity. Did you know that over 85% of employees who feel they’ve been meaningfully recognized will go above and beyond to get the job done? Here’s a more startling statistic: 40% of employees who feel they haven’t been meaningfully recognized won’t. This is the power of visual recognition within the workforce.

Check out these stats…

engraved plaques for sale


The simple fact is that everyone loves being recognized for their accomplishments, but a bouquet of flowers, a pat on the back, or a round of applause at a meeting only go so far – if anywhere at all. True accomplishments and achievements that have a lasting impact on your company or organization should be met with a form of recognition that goes above and beyond the status quo, and that’s why we’re here. While many things in the business world have quickly become passe in the digital age, one tried-and-true fact reminds: engraved plaques still set the standard for professional recognition in the workplace.

Here are some great examples of plaques you can elect to feature in your place of business.


Engraved Plaques For Sale

The Rising Star Plaque

engraved plaques for sale

If you need to recognize an employee or group member who has been going above and beyond since their arrival, there is no finer option than the Rising Star Engraved Plaque. Fully customizable with your organization’s logo as well the recipient’s name, this laser engraved plaque is as elegant and stylish as they come. Beautifully set against a beveled and polished black background, this award is sure to catch the eye of all who visit the winner’s office or workspace.


The Perpetual Plaque

custom engraved plaques for sale

Ongoing recognition opportunities are one of the bedrocks of successful motivation within an organization. Everyone strives to be the employee of the month, the top salesperson, or the best-reviewed staff member. But more than just the title, the visual reminder of this achievement is the ultimate key component to instilling the behavior in your staff.

No matter what achievement you’re recognizing, a perpetual plaque like this Photo Horizontal is the ideal vehicle for letting the staff in your office know that their efforts haven’t gone unnoticed. Easily customizable with an inserted photo or logo, the desire to see their name among the company’s most valued employees is a great motivator, and will keep your entire workforce engaged and working hard every time they pass this plaque by.


Brushed Aluminum Plaque

engraved plaques for sale

Whether you’re recognizing a valued employee’s career-long achievement or simply honoring your staff with a yearly award, this Brushed Aluminum Plaque says everything you want to say inside of a gorgeous and contemporary design. This stunning plaque will look great on the wall of any office, study, or boardroom, and serves as a constant reminder that hard work and dedication do pay off. Laser engraved and presented on attention-grabbing brushed aluminum, this award is as beautiful as it is meaningful.

No matter what the occasion or honor being bestowed, these engraved plaques for sale will help employees new and old stay motivated and be celebrated – both essential to moving your business forward. If you have questions about your promotional product needs, please call us at (480) 614-3600 or contact us here.

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