Employee of the Month Plaque

Employee of The Month Plaques

Employee of the month. It’s a much-coveted achievement in the workplace, and rightfully so. As an employee, you put in a lot of time and effort to do your part in helping the company. Of course, employees want to be recognized for this hard work. In fact, having programs like “employee of the month” in place can help the company overall. In the fall 2012 SHRM/Globoforce report on the business impact of employee recognition, research showed that “companies with strategic recognition reported a mean employee turnover rate that is 23.4% lower than retention at companies without any recognition program.”

Whether or not you have an employee recognition program in place, B2B Promotional Group can help you display your recognition with our wide variety of employee of the month plaques. Check out some of our offerings below. Plus, you can click here to save 25% off your first order!

Employee of the Month EOMP

employee of the month plaquesThis employee of the month plaque is unlike any one you’ve seen. Most people are used to the traditional, wooden employee of the month plaque, and they all tend to look the same. If you are looking for your plaque to stand out, then this plaque is definitely your best option. This plaque gives you creative flexibility; you can custom the logo and the colors to fit your company. You can also choose between monthly and quarterly awards. If you’re looking to have an employee of the month plaque that really stands out, then this one is for you!

Employee of the Quarter EOQP

employee of the month plaqueThis plaque is another unconventional employee of the month plaque. Once again, unlike the typical wooden plaque, this one is made out of acrylic, and can be customized to your taste. You can choose from a variety of colors for your plaque, from royal blue to yellow. This plaque can be made for a monthly or quarterly employee of the month program. The Employee of the Quarter EOQP plaque is a great choice because it can bring color and style to your company’s offices.

Oakleigh Vert Pert/Plaque – Rosewood/Gold 90 Plate

employee of the month placque

The elegant Oakleigh Vert Pert/Plaque comes in a stunning, glossy rosewood finish. This rosewood finish is a perfect backdrop for the black playing, which is outlined in gold. The top of the plaque features a large black plate that can feature your company’s logo and any phrase that you want, such as “Employee of the Month 2016-2017.” Under that, you’ll find 90 small black plates. Yes, ninety! This plaque is large enough to fit seven and a half years worth of employees of the month. If you’re looking for a gorgeous plaque that will last a long time, the Oakleigh Vert Pert/Plaque in Rosewood is definitely your best option.

Walnut Employee of The Month Plaques

best employee of the month plaque

This employee of the month paque looks as official as it gets. Made from real walnut, the plaque has a classic rustic feel, which is contrasted by the gold accents and black plating. The top part of the plaque is adorned by three royal, golden attachments. In the center, there is a medallion insert, which can be one of a variety of medal choices offered. On each side of the medallion, you can find shiny, golden torches. Beneath the beautifully decorated top of the plaque is a black plate, which can be laser-engraved with your phrase of choice. There are twenty four smaller black plates beneath that, and they too can be customized with the name of the employee of the month. On top of all the wonderful previously mentioned features, you can choose aluminum, brass, or copper to accent the plaque. The walnut plaque is the perfect employee of the month plaque for your office space.

Employee of the Month Walnut Plaque

Wooden employee of the month plaqueFearless, tenacious, nurturing, high-flying, visionary. These five traits have been attributed to an eagle. Your employee of the month probably has these traits, so what better way to acknowledge that than with an eagle on your plaque? This employee of the month plaque features a beautiful, majestic painted eagle figure. A large, black plate lies beneath the eagle, and this plate can be laser-engraved with your phrase and seal/logo of choice. The left and right sides of the plaque have six small, black plates (for a total of twelve black plates) that you can put the names of your employees of the month. This plaque is the perfect size and design to showcase the employees of the month at your company.


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