Dedication Plaques: Versatile and Virtually Unbeatable

Dedication Plaques For Sale

It’s an age-old problem that we can all relate to:

How do you properly recognize those that make a difference in your day-to-day life – and what is a classy way to make them feel appreciated?

In this article, we’re going to show you how, in your professional and personal life, nothing will help you communicate your gratitude and appreciation like a dedication plaque.

Especially in business, there are times when an individual, or an organization, goes out of their way to impact you. That could mean they sponsored an event, provided underwriting for a project or construction, or simply have been an ongoing patron that is deserving of your recognition.

When you stop to think about how often this situation comes up, you start to realize just how many opportunities there are to recognize relationships to not only help boost morale but also potentially increase profitability and provide an incentive for other individuals or organizations to jump on board.

But the question remains:

What do you do for them?

How do you take your gratitude and turn it into something tangible?

A simple “thank you” note isn’t enough, and a gift or fruit basket are fleeting and old-fashioned, at best.

[You may also be interested in personalized post-it notes or engraved brass plaques.]

What we really want to do for those with whom we want to build lasting and profitable relationships with, is to repay them with something that matters. That’s where dedication plaques, and their seemingly unlimited number of uses, come into play.

In this post, we’re going to show you different styles and types of plaques we offer here at B2B Promotional Group, and how you can use them to full effect in your life.

The Classic Dedication Plaque

Cast Aluminum Stake Mount Outdoor Gold Dedication Plaque

Talk about the opposite of a unitasker; this classic choice for an outdoor dedication plaque simply couldn’t be any more versatile if it tried. You see them everywhere: Statues and art displays outside of churches, monuments in municipal parks, dedicated benches and hazards on golf courses, and special plots of community gardens – literally anywhere you might find a piece of land or structure dedicated to someone, the outdoor stake mount dedication plaque can be used.

dedication plaques

To add to the versatility, the Cast Aluminum Stake Outdoor Plaque comes in both silver and gold, allowing not only for preferential choice, but also varying levels of recognition should it be used as a reward for different levels of donations or recognition. Make commemoration a yearly custom or honor a lasting legacy with these stake dedication plaques.

Eco-Friendly Dedication Plaque

The No Brainer Natural Choice

Contrary to popular belief, dedication plaques don’t have to be all about dark woods and heavy metals. Though those are certainly classic looks and perfect for the right environment, sometimes situations and opportunities arise for something a little more rustic and natural. That’s where this beautiful Renewal Medium Plaque comes perfectly into play.

dedication plaqueCrafted from Bamboo, considered to be one of the most green-focused construction materials when sustainably sourced, this gorgeous plaque can be inscribed to suit any occasion or honoree. Thanks to the advanced laser inscription process, you can add a logo of a partner organization, or even a full-color image of your choice – virtually any content will look impressive on this unique dedication plaque.

Because of its durability and lightweight nature, the Renewal Medium Plaque can be mounted or displayed just about anywhere. On the wall at home or atop a reception desk at the office, one thing is for sure: whoever you recognize with this dedication plaque will be reminded of your sincere gratitude every time they walk by.

Elegant & Affordable Dedication Plaques

Celebrate Their Value without Losing Yours

Let’s dispel a silly rumor right now: Dedication plaques don’t have to break the bank – in fact, they can be downright affordable. You can honor an employee, colleague, organization, or contributor without eating up precious financial resources – and there’s more than one great option to do it.dedication plaques for saleFeaturing a bright full-color digital imprint behind 1/16″ thick acrylic, this Value Marble Veneer Wall Plaque is really an eye-catching piece. A great value individually or in when purchased in bulk, it adds a touch of class to any celebration without ruining your budget. Great for an annual award or a one-time giveaway, this dedication plaque can truly be used in a variety of ways.

Here’s another great affordable option: Value Wall Plaque best dedication plaques

Made with manufactured wood with a veneer finish in the USA, this affordable Value Wall Plaque is a great option when honoring a team of contributors, employees, or volunteers. Not only is it imprinted with a bright full-color digital print, this dedication plaque also comes with built-in horizontal and vertical wall hangers, allowing your proud recipient to put it on display, however, and wherever they like. Convenience, class, and affordability all in the same product.

Though those are only a few examples of ways you can use our dedication plaques in your own life, there are plenty more where that came from.

Whether you’re dedicating a building or simply recognizing someone’s volunteer hours, there is really no limit to the way dedication plaques can be used. Ready to make someone feel special? Browse our awesome selection and start ordering!

Let us know how we can help you!

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