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Promotional products can be used to increase the awareness of your brand and increase your sales. However, they can also be used to show accomplishment in team sports. We are pleased to offer thousands of dance trophies for all of those amazing dancers out there!

Dancing is an activity that most of us like to do for fun. However, there is a world where this fun pastime is taken to the next level, and that is the world of competitive dance. Oh, yeah! Competitive dance has been around for a long time, but it’s even more popular now than it has ever been. TV shows like “Dance Moms” and “Bring It!”, both about girls (and their parents) in the dance world, have shed a spotlight on an oft-overlooked sport, thus drawing more attention and interest to it. According to “TV by the Numbers”, a 2012 episode of “Dance Moms” drew in a total of 2.5 million viewers!

Thousands of dance competitions take place around the country, and they are only increasing in popularity. Since they are competitions, there must be awards for the winners of each category. You can find the best dance trophies for your dance competition at no other place than! There are many different styles and colors for you to choose from, so you can get any variety of trophies that you want. Here are a few of the dance trophies that we offer.

Intricately Detailed Plastic Dance Figures


Among other sport figurines, you can get this dancer on top of any trophy base that you want. This is the basis for all trophies that feature a figure, so you’ll have flexibility when choosing your trophies. This figure is an elegant dancer in a beautiful arabesque position. The figure has a golden finish that is sure to wow any recipient!


Pretty in Pink Modern Dance Pink Figure Trophy

dance trophies for sale

This dance figure is one that you truly won’t see anywhere else. The Pretty in Pink Modern Dance Pink Figure Trophy depicts a graceful dancer whose raised arms connect to form a heart above her head. The figure has a gorgeous shiny pink finish. The base of this figurine is a marble rectangular prism, which can have personalization added to it. This dance figure would be perfect for a competition for younger age groups, or for a Valentine’s Day competition.


Stars & Stripes Forever Trophy

dance trophy

*This trophy can be customized with a dance figure.

Feeling patriotic? This trophy is just what you need! The trophy has a single column that is adorned with the flag of the United States of America. The base of the whole trophy has a wooden look to it, and on either side of the column there are two golden eagles. You can add the intricately detailed plastic dance figure or the pretty in pink modern dance pink figure to this stars & stripes forever trophy to make it ready for your next dance competition!


Traditional Walnut Finish Carved Wood Turning Trophy

dance trophy for sale

For a fancier, more slick award, you should opt for the traditional walnut finish carved wood turning trophy. Boasting a hefty four columns, each column was specially crafted to have shiny walnut finish, then propped up on the base by a golden rod. The lower base also has a wooden finish, and features a gold plate on the front that can be filled with the caption of your choice. Above the four rods, there are four golden eagles and a cup in the center. You can choose to have your dance figure placed on top of the cup or in between the columns on the base. Standing at a little over 3 feet tall, this trophy would be great as a first prize award in any division of your dance competition.


Glass Victory Dancer on Walnut Base Award

custom dance trophies

If you’re looking to stray away from the traditional plastic trophy, you may want to consider the glass victory dancer on walnut base trophy. This trophy is sure to stand out in a sea of plastic golden trophies simply because it is unique. The base of the trophy is walnut with a black plating on the front, where you add a custom caption or logo of your choice. Mounted on top of the walnut base is a dazzling glass figure. The figure shows a dancer in a long, flowing skirt posed in an elegant position. This glass trophy will definitely be a much-desired prize at your dance competition.

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Argent Star Award

dance trophies cheap

The Argent Star award is a sleek alternative to the traditional trophy. With a black base and a silver figurine, this trophy truly is one of a kind. The silver figurine, which is the main focus of the trophy, is similar to the pretty in pink modern dance figure (except the arms form a star rather than a heart). You can add custom words to the black base to make it specifically for your dance competition. This trophy will give the impression that your competition means business!

The dance trophies shown above are just the tip of the iceberg of all the trophies you can choose from. There are a multitude of dance trophies that will fit your criteria, whether it be a patriotic trophy or a modern trophy. Once you choose your trophy and customize it, you’ll be in your way to making your dance competition great!

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