Customized Styrofoam Cups

Customized Styrofoam Cups

Helping you Build your Brand and your Business

Think for a moment about how often you interact with brands and their logos, especially when you’re not inside of a commercial establishment – studies show that it’s over 5,000 a day! That’s why we’ve become experts in this marketing niche.

Whether you’re carrying around an iced caramel macchiato from your favorite Seattle coffee chain, a large drink from the clown’s burger shop down the street, a bag of groceries from the big box chain, or a sub sandwich you’re about to eat fresh, you’re not only consuming a product, you’re also acting as a brand ambassador.

The simple act of placing a logo or business name on disposable products means a big return in the world of brand marketing and product familiarity, and this is something that the big brands of the world figured out long ago. But while engaging a huge portion of the general public to carry around your message may not be financially feasible for many of us without a Fortune 500 marketing budget, we can adopt those same best practices within our own space and work to put our brand front and center for the people and communities with whom we are already interacting.

Choosing a Medium

(and we don’t mean placing your drink order)

Let’s focus on one item in particular: customized styrofoam cups. Hundreds of millions of plain consumer-grade styrofoam cups are put into the hands of clients and customers throughout the world every year, and in almost every one of those instances, this big white space turns out to be just wasted real estate. When we think about an easy and effective way to build repetition and recognition of your brand, this medium might just be a great first step.


Find hundred of customizable styrofoam cups!

While most giveaways or branded items take a significant budget allocation to employ, customized styrofoam cups are an extremely affordable option that serve both a practical and purposeful use case. Here are a few examples of how customized styrofoam cups can help you build your business, boost your brand, and put your logo in front of countless eyes every time they go to take a sip.

Brand your office/Market your meetings

Offering your clients, colleagues, and visitors coffee isn’t just an opportunity to provide them with a refreshment, it’s also a chance to help reinforce your brand and communicate your professionalism – and customized styrofoam cups are a great way to do just that. Whether you feature your logo, your contact information, or any other essentials they may need to know about your business, this kind of brand-building marketing will not only help solidify your business name in their unconscious mind, but also work as a on on-the-street advertising tool if they take their drink to go.

When choosing which cup to customize for your office, think strategically about which cups will be suited for long-term use and exposure. A choice like the 500 line 10oz Foam Cup that easily supports a lid will not only provide convenience for your customer, but encouragement to take their coffee, and your logo, to go.

customized styrofoam cups

The 500 Line 10 oz. Foam Cup can be customized with your business name and/or logo.

The way we use our offices is constantly changing, and current trends point to office space that goes beyond a place to work and becomes a place to entertain. Being able to provide visitors and employees alike with branded customized styrofoam cups can help you take things to the next level without losing that sense of professionalism.

Improve your service-based business’ branding and bottom line

For the hundreds of thousands of small service-based businesses operating in the United States and beyond, incorporating customized styrofoam cups into your workflow is about as natural of a fit as you’re going to find. Anything you serve in your restaurant, cafe, diner, or cafeteria should spell out to your customer exactly where they are and who is serving them. Using a styrofoam cup in this capacity is a no brainer.

As an additional idea, just like the branded disposable placemats you see at many smaller restaurants or “greasy spoons,” selling the branding rights of your to-go can be a great money maker for your bottom line. Allowing an outside business to purchase your cup’s real estate will guarantee them exposure to the countless customers you serve, and when you offer them a product like the 32 oz Foam Travel Cup, you can also ensure that customers will also be brand ambassadors – another selling point! This innovative approach of selling sponsorships will not only help you generate additional revenue, but will also help you form neighborhood partnerships and alliances that are essential to business growth and success.

Make your samples standout

Not only is buying local or shopping at small businesses extremely popular across the country, it’s also proven to be great for the economy. This kind of popularity can be great for small-batch or handmade artisans who want to launch their product or service, but can also make it difficult for them to stand out amongst the crowd.

If you have a food or consumer-dependent business where interacting directly with customers or handing out samples of what you do is essential to grabbing a significant portion of market share, then utilizing the flexibility and exposure of a customized styrofoam cup is paramount. Instead of handing out your lovingly made product in a soon-to-be-garbage piece of clear plastic, make a bold statement by branding your goods – allowing customers who enjoy your products to be aware of who made them even as they make their way past your table or booth display. This kind of branding is also great for the (hopefully) inevitable sharing of a product they love, as it helps both the direct consumer and adjunct consumer identify your brand with the product they’re enjoying.

Bringing it all back home (yes, that’s a to-go pun)

Though these are just a few ways that businesses like yours can use customized styrofoam cups to their advantage, there is no shortage of potential branding opportunities that such an everyday commonplace item can bring. Think about how your customers interact with your brand and logo, and how essential items like customized styrofoam cups will improve exposure, retention, and ultimately, your business as a whole, when they display your business loud and proud.

We can fit your budget with a variety of prices and quantity selections. Contact us now and let us help you!

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