Custom Keychains: Ordering, Minimums, and Promotions

Custom Keychains

In the world of marketing, there’s nothing quite like repetition. In fact, it’s been estimated that a marketing campaign or branding message isn’t impactful to its intended recipient until they’ve interacted with it at least seven times – something that’s not so easy in today’s over-saturated advertising marketplace.

As marketers and business owners, we need to think outside of the box, and instead of reinventing the wheel (which can be incredibly costly and ineffective), find ways to work our branding messages into the things and mediums that our customers already interact with on a daily basis. And when you think about it, there’s virtually no item consumers interact with more over the course of time than their own keys.

Whether it’s opening up their apartment door, their P.O. box, their office at work, or starting the car, keys are at the forefront of so much of what we do every day. They’re practical, in that they help us facilitate the things we want to do, and they’re also expressive – easily decoratable with keychains of all types. It’s hard to think of an item, outside of our cell phones and wallets, that are constantly in our pockets, our purses, or on our person more than our keys. And because of this near-constant exposure in our everyday lives, custom keychains are a great way to advertise.

Keychains, much like the keys they share rings with, come in a huge variety of shapes, sizes, and purposes – with no two quite alike. Some are purpose-driven and provide some kind of benefit outside of simply being a keyring, and some are decorative – more about looking nice than providing any kind of fringe benefit.

Both of these styles certainly have their merits, but today we want to focus on five examples of keychains that are not only fully customizable, but also provide extra value to the consumer based on their functionality and unique desirability.

Here’s a few examples of our favorite types of these keychains, and how they might just be the right fit for your business:

Custom Flashlight Keychains

Custom Flashlight KeychainsWhen you think of keychains with a purpose, flashlights have to be at the top of your list. These handy hand-held illuminators pack a big punch, and provide convenient and easy access to light for those who slap them on their key ring.

These are especially popular with those weekend warriors who like to spend time out on the town at night, as having a flashlight to help find their car in a dark lot, or as an extra layer of safety when walking home. They’re also great for kids to stick on their backpacks, or just about anyone else to keep on them in case the need for on-demand light should surface. All in all, these are a proven winner, and, as a bonus, are fully customizable.

Shop customized flashlight keychains.

Bottle Opener Keychain With LED Light

Bottle Opener Key Chain With LED Light

With over 239 million Americans (about 74% of the entire population) over the legal drinking age, a bottle opener keychain might just be a great way to provide a valuable promotional item that will interest and attract a big audience.

We like this one because not only does it display your logo big and bright, but it also adds the second benefit of a small LED flashlight that is both long-lasting and pretty bright for its size. With this double functionality built in, this attractive, affordable, and easy to handle custom keychain is really a great choice for any customer demographic that tends to skew 21-plus.

See our favorite bottle opener and flashlight keychains!

Square Level Tape Measure Key Tag

Square Level Tape Measure Key TagIt measures, it levels, it holds your keys! We just had to include this one because we think it is so cool, and we’re guessing you’ve never seen anything like it before. This functional keychain includes a square level, a tape measure, and a level of usefulness that other custom keychains just can’t provide.

Emblazon this impressive marketing piece with your logo or marketing message, and you customers will associate you with being thoughtful, helpful, and innovative.

See if these keychains measure up for you!

USB Metal Key Ring

USB Metal Key Ring Chances are that many of your customers are uber tech savvy, and if you aren’t catering to their plugged-in impulses, then you are missing out. Thankfully, custom keychains can come to the rescue again, this time in the form of a fashionable yet tech friendly usb metal key ring.

(Also see promotional items perfect for the office!)

That’s right, you customers will want to keep you in their pocket at all times if you can help store their essays, protect their pictures, or hold their music library. Cue the USB Metal Key Ring – the perfect customizable keychain for just this purpose. Available displaying your artwork in storage sizes up to 8 gig, these tech-focused keychains are great choices for your audience of millenials and gen Xers.

Order these keychains and storage solutions!

Floating Key Chain

Floating Key Chain

Since most of our choices on this list have been all about the new and innovative, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention a classic: the Floating Keychain.

Totally customizable and retro as all get-out, this floating device actually also doubles as a stress-relieving squeezable, give you two great uses for the price of one. Plus, they also work great as identifiers on bags, suitcases, and other high-visibility personal items.

Though these are only five of our favorite examples, the world of custom keychains is truly huge. We encourage you to browse through our extensive catalogue of options, and find what’s right for you and your customers. You might come across a super-cool custom keychain that your customers will love.

See all the options for these floating keychains!

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