Best Promotional Products (That Have Multiple Uses)

Best Promotional Products

Promotional products are, in a word, everywhere. We see them as free giveaways at events and festivals; we see them in online shops and pop-up boutiques; and, most importantly, we see them being used and enjoyed by millions of people throughout the world.

Which is why, before we begin, we have a challenge for you. The next time you’re in public surrounded by a good amount of people – take a look around. We’re willing to be that not only will you spot plenty of promotional items and products being used, but you’ll be surprised at just how high that number climbs as time goes on.

Whether it’s a custom-monogrammed beach towel with the name and logo of the user’s favorite sunglasses brand, or a shot glass bearing the name and insignia of someone’s favorite brand of spirits or resort destination, brands that choose the best promotional products to entertain and energize their customers find success with repeated use.

Custom Keychains: Ordering, Minimums, and Promotions

But obviously, finding the right promotional products for the right brand is easier said than done. Our catalogue alone has hundreds of thousands of promotional item options, with millions of color, customization, and sizing options. Picking the best promotional product at random would be an exercise in luck with poorer odds than the Powerball. And, it can be totally overwhelming for the business owner trying to juggle a hundred different things.

But luckily, you don’t have to start from scratch when trying to find the best promotional products for you and your company. This helpful guide is designed to help you consider all angles during the decision-making process and select the right customizable product for you and your business. It’s time to give your customers what they really need and want, and what, most importantly, they’ll use over and over again.

Here we go:

3 Things to Consider When Selecting the Best Promotional Products for Your Brand

1. Think of Customers as Brand Ambassadors

Some estimates peg the amount of advertisements we see on any given day at more than 5,000. Shockingly, this means we see almost 3.5 advertisements every minute – talk about clutter.

We see ads all over social media, on billboards, in magazines, and on television, and as a marketer or business owner, it seems virtually impossible to make yourself and your business stand out from this over-saturated crowd and gather attention. Billions of dollars are poured into advertisements and marketing campaigns every year by multinational corporations, compounding the issue and making the task of getting your name recognized in a crowded marketplace even that much less attainable.

But small and medium-sized businesses that depend on a local markets for their revenue have a secret hidden weapon that those who manage million-dollar marketing budgets don’t: feet on the street.

If you’re a small business owner, chances are that you’ve got a loyal group of customers who not only love what you do, but also want you to succeed. In fact, 94% of consumers believe that doing business with and supporting small businesses in their community is important.

If that awesome statistic tells us anything, it’s the customers are ready to dig in and help spread the word of your brand – as long as you make it easy. That’s why, when you’re considering how to choose the best promotional product, you should think first about your customers and what kind of product they would want and use. Consider factors like where they live, what kind of lifestyle they lead, and what they like to do for fun. This will help you align your product choice with your target marketing – increasing your chance of turning your customers into brand ambassadors, and saving you big bucks on traditional marketing.

2. Don’t Be Afraid of Having a Small Budget

Perhaps the best thing about using promotional products for marketing is just how vast the selection of potential products is for your business. This wide variety means you can truly select something that not only fits your consumer, but also fits your business and your budget.

Unlike many other advertising and marketing avenues that have minimum spends in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, a small budget can go a long way with promotional products. Small items like key chains, pens, USB drives, and other items can still pack a pretty poinigent promotional punch without the huge hit to your bank account – giving you a large return without a large investment.

Cheap Promotional Products

Selecting the best promotional products means not only selecting what’s best for your customers, but also for your business and its goals. When considering what kind of products to invest in, be sure to consider your own budget and how you can get the most bang for your buck.

3. Have Fun With It

One of the greatest aspects of advertising and marketing is that it can truly be creative and fun. And the use of promotional products is no exception. That’s why we encourage our customers to think with their head when selecting the best promotional product for their business – but not totally forgo their heart in the final decision making.

Sometimes, it’s those wacky off-the-wall kind of ideas that will catch the interest of a consumer or potential customer in a way that no traditional or common-place promotional product would or could – which is why we always suggest keeping your mind and heart open to any and all ideas. You never know what might just be your diamond in the rough.

Now That You Know – Time to Start Shopping!

As you now know, there is, unfortunately, no one-size-fits-all best promotional products out there that will suit every business in every marketplace. However, we’re confident that if you follow the three rules above, and think customer-first, then you’ll be able to select the best promotional product for you and your brand, and enjoy the benefits of a well-targeted and thought-out marketing initiative.

Happy Marketing!

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