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Best Promotional Products (That Have Multiple Uses)

best promotional products

Best Promotional Products Promotional products are, in a word, everywhere. We see them as free giveaways at events and festivals; we see them in online shops and pop-up boutiques; and, most importantly, we see them being used and enjoyed by millions of people throughout the world. Which is why, before we begin, we have a […]

Custom Keychains: Ordering, Minimums, and Promotions

Custom Keychains In the world of marketing, there’s nothing quite like repetition. In fact, it’s been estimated that a marketing campaign or branding message isn’t impactful to its intended recipient until they’ve interacted with it at least seven times – something that’s not so easy in today’s over-saturated advertising marketplace. As marketers and business owners, […]

Custom Printed Marketing Materials (What You Should Know)

custom printed marketing materials

Perfect Custom Printed Marketing Materials: 3 Steps When Ordering The world of marketing and advertising has always had one simple goal: helping your company stand out from the crowd. But now, more than ever, that’s becoming a real challenge. The internet and various other technologies have opened up consumers to a wealth of choices, reducing the […]

10 Best Customized Pens

best customized pens

10 Best Customized Pens: Spice Up Your Promotions Promoting your company or organization with customized pens is one of the simplest ways to popularize your name. Most businesses and organizations choose to use some form of specialty writing utensil for promotional purposes, but the sheer amount of options available can be overwhelming. That’s why, here at […]

Promotional Items for Sale (Read THIS Before You Buy!)

promotional items for sale

Should your brand be featuring promotional items for sale? That depends… Do you want to make more money? Do you want people to talk about what you’re doing and how you’re doing it? Do you want to invest in a sure-fire way to almost guarantee ROI? We know we sound a little bit like a […]

Promotional Products – No Minimum

promotional products no minimum

Promotional Products No Minimum When it comes to picking out a promotional item for your business or cause, there are two questions that haunt just about every marketer before they submit their order for purchase: What should I buy? and How many should I be buying? Trust us – we feel your pain. Since we’ve […]

Promotional Items for Small Businesses

promotional items for small businesses

Promotional Items for Small Businesses Everyone who has started and succeeded in running a small business has, at one point or another, had the same thought: how in the world do I compete with the big-box competitors? How do I make my business stand out from the rest? Trust us – we get it. In […]

Your Best Choice for Customized Promotional Products

best customized promotional products

B2B Promotional Group: Your Best Choice for Customized Promotional Products 2017 was an incredible year for all of us at B2B Promotional Group. Not only did we continue to grow as a company by providing the best promotional items money can buy, but we also engaged with new customers and partners from around the world. […]

Promotional Products | Do They Work?

how to use promotional products

Should Your Business Be Using Promotional Products? Yes, your business should be using promotional products. However, like anything, there is a right and wrong way to use promotional products for your business. Did you know that 80% of consumers have at least 1 promotional product? And more than half of those people use their promotional […]

Cheap Promotional Products

cheapest promotional products

Cheap, Customizable, Promotional Products: No Order Minimums Whether you’re part of a one-person marketing department for a small, independent business, or you have to run your ideas and projections by the board of a Fortune 500 company, one question is always on your mind: How can I best spend my marketing dollars? With so many […]

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