7 Trendiest Promotional Sunglasses

Promotional Sunglasses: Make a Spectacle of Yourself!

Here at B2B Promotions, we care about our clients. In a recent blog post, we showed you the best promotional products for the summer. Now, we want to remind you that protecting your eyes should be a priority wherever your business is located. Protect your customers’ eyes while showcasing your brand in a fun and unique way with promotional sunglasses. Follow the latest trends with these fun-in-the-sun glasses that will make your message stand out anywhere!

1. UV Mood Changing Malibu Sunglasses

uv changing sunglassesHave fun in the sun with these snazzy color-changing shades! Your brand won’t go unnoticed when your frames change from translucent to hot pink (or a variety of other color options) when you step outside!

2. Aviator Sunglasses

aviator sunglassesEveryone appreciates a classy pair of aviators. They look expensive, professional and modern, and so will your company when you customize them with your logo. Choose from a rainbow of colors for the perfect promo. (These were also featured on our blog post: 8 Promotional Products That Brought The Heat This Summer!)

3. Half Frame Sunglasses

half lens frame sunglassesThis style is increasingly gaining in popularity, especially among college students, after the release of Ray-Ban’s Clubmaster sunglasses. Give your brand a new, retro feeling with these promotional sunglasses. Customize them now!

4. Glow in the Dark Clear-Lensed Malibu Sunglasses

glow in the dark sunglassesThis eyewear is perfect for nightclubs, bars, concerts, and every nighttime event. Sure to make your message shine bright in a crowd, these specs combine fashionable eyewear with the nightlife scene. Customize these glasses now to appeal to all audiences! Contact us for questions and more information!

5. Mirrored Sunglasses

mirrored sunglassesThese crazy lenses are everywhere! Not only are they polarized and great for outdoor events, but they have become increasingly popular among all crowds. These are perfect for your more style-conscious, fashionable, or sporty customers. Promote your company with the newest trend!

6. Retro Specs

retro specsRedefine your brand by boldly displaying your logo with these unique shades. These novelty promotional sunglasses are a great way to advertise at parties, weddings, and other events. All eyes will definitely be on your logo with these glasses!

7. Wood-Tone Malibu Sunglasses

woodtone sunglassesThey look like real wood, but don’t cost as much! Made of durable plastic, get the best of both worlds with this classic Ray-Ban inspired style. With affordable prices, a classic look, and exceptional quality, these sunglasses will make your promo. Click here to learn more.

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