3 Strategies For Success With Promotional Products

Promotional Products Pro Tips!

From traditional media to social media, there is no shortage of avenues to market your business. In recent years, we’ve seen an increase in businesses turning to promotional products to advertise and connect with their customer base. Why? Because it works!

In order to utilize promotional products as part of your marketing mix, make sure to implement these three strategies:

1. Choosing the Right Product

Choosing the right product can be daunting. We have more than 950,000 promotional products we can customize for you, so how do you know which one is right for you?

In order to choose the right product you must first identify the following:

  • Your target client/customer
  • The purpose of the product
  • Budget vs. Expected ROI


Choosing the right promotional product


Target Consumer

You know your clients better than anyone else, so this step should be relatively easy. Get as specific as possible. Are you targeting women? Great! What age range? Where do they live? What do they do? What are their habits?

A food delivery service may want to target single mothers between the ages of 18-35 who live in a specific city. Knowing this, we can choose products that a young, single mother would find useful and which relate to food delivery: refrigerator magnets, for example. Magnets might not only be used to display a child’s artwork, but they could also be placed in the kitchen as a reminder that food delivery is only a phone call away!

Know your client, and you will know how to serve them.

Product Purpose

What are you trying to get your target consumer to do? Advertise for you? Remember you? Contact you? Each product has a very specific purpose. For example, a branded t-shirt will advertise your company name and logo every time someone wears it. A gift basket will show your client/customer that you appreciate them. A customized pen with your contact information gives your client a product they can use everyday ensuring your contact information is always in reach.

Unfortunately, many companies do not work with promotional product specialists and end up purchasing tons of product with no intent in mind. Everything we do in promotional products has a specific, calculated purpose. Knowing what we are trying to communicate to your client will help us determine what kind of product is best.

Budget and Expected Return

You should be making money with your promotional products. If you’re not, then you aren’t leveraging them correctly.

Every order of promotional products should come with an expected return on your investment. That return, obviously, should be more than what you spend. Luckily, it is easy to determine if your product selection (and marketing efforts) are generating a return.

Suppose each new client you generate puts $300 in your company’s bottom line. Therefore, if you budgeted $1,500 on promotional products you will need to generate 5 new clients to break-even. ($1500 / $300 = 5).

Now let’s say that your $1,500 investment bought 500 customized sunglasses. Assuming one pair of sunglasses per person, you will have to convert 1% of 500 people to become new clients in order to break-even. (5 / 500 = 0.01 or 1%).

With proper leveraging and marketing integration you should be able to convert higher than 1%, and therefore, get a significant return on your investment.

Give us a call at (480) 614-3600, and we can work with you to find the right promotional product based on your budget and target ROI. We want you to make money with promotional products, not just spend money.

2. Marketing Integration

Smart business owners know that a comprehensive marketing strategy makes all the difference. Utilizing traditional media, search engine optimization, digital advertising, social media, and promotional products ensures that you are “touching” your client in the most efficient capacity. Promotional products work best when you can leverage them into your current marketing mix. Your other marketing streams will also be enhanced.

For example, suppose you ordered 2,000 koozies for an upcoming convention. They look super snazzy (why wouldn’t they, we made them for you!?) and everyone is coming to your booth to get one. Great! Now, instead of just handing them out hoping your new lead calls you later, use the koozie as an opt-in for an e-mail campaign. You could also give them away to anyone who tweets out a picture of your booth or likes your company’s Facebook page, for example. By integrating your customized promotional products into your current marketing strategy you greatly increase your overall impact.

3. Optimal Branding

Finally, you need to consider how you want to customize your product. For example, if you decide to go with sunglasses you then must decide how you want to brand them. Do you want to put your logo on them? A phone number? A website? All of the above?

In general, clothing and wearable items do better without contact information. If you are giving out t-shirts you want people to wear them! People don’t want to feel like billboards, so leave out your contact info. On the other hand, notepads are a perfect place to include contact information. Make sure you work with a product specialist to determine the best way to customize your products.

You know your business, and we know ours! Together, we can produce incredible results. Let us help you improve your bottom line through calculated promotional product campaigns. Contact us anytime!

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