3 Essential Tips to Get Organized in 2016

January Is ‘Get Organized Month’

Each month our blog brings you the latest and greatest of promotional products, industry news, awesome marketing tips, and more! This month we are getting you ready for January – which has been named Get Organized Month! The beginning of the year is the perfect time to break old habits and start fresh with a clean slate. But the big questions still remains: how exactly do you start to organize your life? How do you make lasting changes that won’t just leave you falling back into your old habits?

The answer starts with proper preparation and goal setting. Setting attainable goals and brainstorming/implementing strategies to achieve them are the only ways to ensure efficient and long-lasting routine changes that will improve your life for the better, and, most importantly, help you get organized. Let’s take a look at three great ways you can start preparing to be more organized come January 1st.

get organized month

1. Start a Daily Task List

One of the best things you can do to get your life organized right off the bat is to categorize exactly the things you want to get done each day and do them. Women’s Day Magazine points out that one of the best and most effective methods of organizing your “to-dos” is to create a daily morning checklist that you can prepare the night before to make sure things don’t get overlooked. Creating it the previous evening not only gives you the benefit of thinking clearly outside of the bustle of the day, it also allows you to set your priorities when you’re not under the pressure of getting things done.

A morning checklist is also a great tool to prepare for kids, spouses, family members, and employees to make sure they too always start the day on task and nothing essential gets left behind. Use organization tools like this sticky note pad list or this reusable whiteboard as great ways to keep track of the day’s tasks in a consistent manner – another essential part of building lasting positive habits.

2. Create (and Stick to) a Monthly Calendar

We’ve all been there: month after month goes by and we find ourselves putting off the same laborious tasks over and over again. It may be because we don’t want to do them, or it may be because we don’t make time, but no matter the reason, important things are being neglected. Get Organized Month is a great time to say “no more!” and break this dangerous habit.

Combat this cycle by creating a monthly calendar to help organize the duties you don’t necessarily love to do, but that need to get done. A simple calendar can really make a sizeable impact in not only your workload, but how much you’re able to accomplish in a given day. Whether you go with a monthly calendar or something that allows you to do more daily planning, knowing what’s coming next in your schedule is a great way to get more done all throughout the year.

3. Take Time to Work on Staying Organized Every Day

This tips from the Huffington Post are not only invaluable, it’s also a great way to promote ongoing organization that will last beyond the afterglow of New Year’s Eve. By taking time out of every day to organize yourself and your affairs, you’ll create a sustainable workflow that will allow you to continue to stay organized throughout the month of January and beyond. Using trunk, desk, or room organizers are great ways to help you stay on top of the daily clutter and keep your space organized and looking great.

Incorporating these three tips into your daily routine is a great way to prepare for Get Organized Month. What are your favorite ways to get organized? Share them below!

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