10 Best Fantasy Football Trophies

Customized Fantasy Football Trophies

Football is America’s most popular sport, and with over 33 million people drafting teams and managing players every year, Fantasy Football is not far behind. Each fall, serious fantasy gamers invest time, money, and effort into putting their best team on the field every week, and for the manager who can stick it out and win it all, the reward should be more than just bragging rights and next year’s first pick.

You can’t have a legitimate fantasy football league without a fantasy football trophy! A customized fantasy football trophy for the winning team(s) will help make this year’s season one they’ll never forget. Here are the top 10 awesome trophies that the managers in your league will love to take home at the end of the year. (We’ve also included some trophies for the less talented fantasy football leaguers.)

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Best Fantasy Football Trophies


10. The Goal Master Trophy

(Trophy for the Loser!)

Fantasy Football Trophy

There is no shame quite like finishing dead last in your fantasy football league, and short of some kind of public shaming, nothing will drive home your good-natured disappointment like presenting the losing manager with this soccer ball beauty. Inscribe it with the losing team name and record, and make sure they know that there is a different sort of football out there if the American version is just too hard for them to manage.

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9. The 10” Scalloped Trophy

Fantasy Football Trophies

Winning your fantasy football league should be all about prestige, and using this beautiful 10” Scalloped fantasy football trophy to award the top team will make the victorious manager feel like they’ve won the actual Super Bowl. Easy to customize and beautifully two-toned, the Scalloped Trophy is what winning is all about. This is truly an iconic trophy that will be admired by all. It also makes a great guacamole holder.

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8. Football Wreath

Customized Fantasy Football Trophy

Leave behind the gold and silver; this beautiful reisin wreath makes a great giveaway for your fantasy football champion. The large plate is perfect for customization, as the team name and winning year will be easily up front and viewable for all who pass it by. The olive branches bring you back to the Greek era of ruthless competition. Perfect for fraternities or other collegiate social groups.

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7. Football Starburst
cheap fantasy football trophies

Hand it out to just your league champion or to everyone involved, this attention-grabbing fantasy football trophy is as all pro as they come. Featuring a gorgeous football-themed starburst, this easily customizable trophy will look great on any mantle or in any man cave.

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6. Football Shooting Star

football fantasy football trophy

Continuing with our stand-out star trophies: When it comes to fantasy football trophies, you can’t beat handing out a recreation of the almighty pigskin itself. Impressive at five and a quarter inches high, the most important ball in sports is sure to go over well with everyone in your league. Plus, it’s tiny enough that you can carry it everywhere with you. Which is important. Obviously.

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5. Antique Gold Football
Best Fantasy Football Trophies

The second most important trophy in football, the Heisman, is coveted by every college player who steps out onto the field. Inspire that same desire with this Antique Gold Football Trophy. Reminiscent of the famous Heisman, this classic-looking fantasy football trophy is sure to be the perfect reward for the best record of the season.

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4. Gateshead Trophy

Custom Fantasy Football Trophy

Your fantasy football league is no-doubt full of classy guys, and classy guys deserve a classy fantasy football trophy. Name this beautiful glass cup after your league, or let the inaugural winner choose its moniker – either way, you’ll end up with a covetable trophy that can pass from winner to winner year after year.

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3.5 Toilet Trophy


Funny Fantasy Football Trophies

Don’t let last place go unpunished – your loser deserves the perfect trinket to help him remember this season for years to come. Not only will this commode inspire them to do better next year, the modest price point means you won’t have to flush money down the drain.

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3. Classic Pebbled Trophy
best fantasy football trophy

This is the kind of fantasy football trophy we’d all like to win. A true classic design among trophies, this gold-colored metal sitting atop a genuine wood base will recognize your champion with the pomp and circumstance they deserve. The engravable plate is easily customized with the name of the trophy, league, or winning team. Give this beauty out for first place and your reputation as the area’s best fantasy football league will be solidified.

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2. Gold Metallzied Football

fantasy football trophies for sale

We had a tough time making this gorgeous gold football number two on our list because it’s certainly worthy of the top spot. An impressive sight at 11 inches high, this stunner can be laser engraved to feature the team, league, or winning managers name from your group. When giving out a fantasy football trophy, why not give out the gold?

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1. The Lombardi Cup
The Ultimate Fantasy Football Trophy

If you’re going to give away a championship trophy for your fantasy football league, you might as well make it the best. This absolutely breathtaking aptly-named Lombardi Trophy is everything you want from a fantasy football trophy, and more. Sturdy, stunning, and crafted from metal for a truly authentic feel, taking home this beauty at the end of the season will make your champion feel like they’re on the field accepting the real thing from the commissioner.

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